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Jenn and Cindy regularly present to schools, businesses, and parent organizations both virtually and in person.

For speaking inquiries, please contact:

What people are saying

"The Parent Compass presentation was an extremely valuable discussion for our school community and parent population.  Jenn and Cindy shared their wisdom, experience, and recommendations in a clear and accessible format.  Parents from our high school and community feeder schools enthusiastically participated and the event sparked important conversations between parents and their teens. Participants were given tangible strategies to utilize in their parenting journeys and we look forward to continuing the conversation in our academic communities."  


- Andrew Sulick, M.A., School President, Santa Margarita Catholic High School , Rancho Santa Margarita, CA


"On behalf of the PAVE Council, I  would like to thank Cynthia Clumeck Muchnick and Jenn Bowie Curtis for discussing their amazing book, The Parent Compass, with Vistamar Parents. Parenting has changed so much over the past couple of decades, and given the chaos of this past year, it was especially helpful to get some smart and practical advice from experts. Their insightful tips on how to navigate academics and mental health also resonated with Vistamar’s mission to shape students who are equipped to take on the challenges of the modern world. Raising happy, well-adjusted young people can be difficult under normal circumstances, and quarantining has been extra tough on parents and students. This book will provide the perfect, easy to follow guide to healthy communication and growth." 

- Ashima Mahna, PAVE Council President, Vistamar School, El Segundo, CA



"The Branson School was so fortunate to host Cindy Muchnick and Jenn Curtis, authors of “The Parent Compass” for a virtual parent education event this fall.  Their wisdom and experience felt especially relevant to our community during this challenging time of Covid.  Cindy and Jenn challenged us as parents to consider how our own middle and high school experiences influence our expectations of our children.  They encouraged us to celebrate the unique child in front of us and not get caught up in competitive, future-focused parenting.  And they offered enlightening anecdotes to support their guidance on managing homework, athletics, the college application journey and technology.  As the mother of 3 daughters, I will reference their book for years to come!"


- Tricia Lacy, Parent Education Chair, Branson School, Ross, CA

"The authors of The Parent Compass were invited to share their book with the parents at my son’s high school and they were amazing! Cynthia Muchnick and Jenn Curtis have decades of experience in the fields of college admissions and counseling and their advice was both practical and possible. Since I already have one child in college I didn’t expect to hear anything brand new, but I was dead wrong. I purchased the book immediately after the presentation and its pages are now covered in highlighter and referred to often.” 

- Julie Falk, Parent Education Coordinator, North Shore Country Day School, Winnetka, IL

“Our role as parents is to empower our children with the essential tools to be their best selves. It is not easy, and involves many twists and turns along the way, particularly in the tween and teen years. Every parent/child path is different, but as in any field, we can all learn from proven best practices. The Parent Compass is just that…a guidebook based on expert advice and tips for developing healthy relationships with our children. Cindy brought the book to life for our community during her presentation with her personal anecdotes and examples that resonated with all parents. The Parent Compass should be the book we all pull off the shelf when we need insightful techniques for embracing the challenges of parenting and fostering independence.”  

 - Hilary Mahan, Executive Director of Manhattan Beach Education Foundation, Manhattan Beach, CA

“Cindy’s presentation to our Redwood PTSA came at just the right time with just the right message. Her strategies for approaching the challenges of raising a teen in the bubble and during a pandemic were spot on and timely. I especially appreciated her underlying message that we indeed have the necessary tools and gave us guidance on setting appropriate expectations for both ourselves and our students. As a parent of two seniors, I only wish we had “found” Cindy a year or two ago!”  

 - Maria Kallmeyer, Redwood High School PTSA President, Larkspur, CA


Speaking Topic List


  • We can speak on a panel, as a keynote, or conduct parent workshops. 

  • We can offer Q& A during or at the conclusion of presentations on Zoom or other virtual platforms. 

  • Speak for about 45 minutes to 1 hour followed by a 15-minute Q&A (and book signing if in person). We can sign and send bookplates to any location, or we can partner with local booksellers to sell books at your event or online.

  • We can schedule virtual or live presentations across the country in 2021-2022 for private or public school speaking consortiums, parent groups, businesses, PTA/PTO organizations, school boards, and more. We speak for middle school, high school or blended audiences as long as CDC guidelines permit. (Any in-person presentations scheduled can pivot to virtual platforms as needed.)


Speaking Topics Include




  • The Parent Compass: Practical Steps to Navigate the Adolescent Years While Keeping the Parent-Child Relationship Intact

  • Navigating Life after 3:00 PM with Teens

  • Tackling Technology with Intention, Not In Tension

  • Why Rankings Are Misleading

  • Praising The Journey, Not the Destination 

  • How to Behave During the College Admission Journey

  • With or Without Covid-19: Alternate Routes to College (Not Just the Gap Year but so much more) 




  • Study Skills and Time Management in Middle and High School

  • The middle and high school navigation process and the college admission process (how to be successful in school and productive during the teenage years while maintaining mental health).

  • How to be tech safe during the middle and high school years



  • How to increase communication and mutual understanding during the tween and teen years

  • Tackling technology use in the home and navigating a family tech agreement

  • Navigating the college application process in harmony

Or any other customized education-, teen-,parenting-, middle/high/college-,mental health-related topic of your choosing.

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