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Reader Reviews

Reader Reviews

“Where’s the HALLELUJAH filter? Written by a dynamic duo  . . .  this is the new ‘it’ book for successfully / mindfully / mercifully parenting our teens in school . . . even if it’s at the kitchen table this year. I was lucky to get an early glimpse of this gem. With education and corresponding expectations moving targets these days, you two hit at the core of what makes a well-rounded student . . . in the classroom or not."

Cynthia P. Jenkins, CCO and Principal, ZWO Branding & Marketing

“PARENTS: Exciting new resource on parenting. What impeccable timing in a world that has never been so complex to navigate. I am SO excited about this! Can’t wait to grab a copy.”

"The Parent Compass book teaches students to focus on life with intention [and offers] tips for raising teens who are full of resilience, grit, and gratitude."

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